How do you say Greek colony in Russian?

Greece becoming colony of Russia[Update; Photo, Wikimedia Commons]

Russian investors increasingly interested in Greek house market

Russian investors showed significant and increasing interest for the Greek house market during a series of meeting between Greek real estate developers and Russian large real estate companies in Moscow in the framework of a Go International business delegation organized by Eurobank in cooperation with Greek export agencies and the Greek Foreign Affairs ministry.

Dimitris Andritsos, Eurobank Property Services chief executive, said that a decision by the Greek government to offer residence permit to foreign investors -and their family members- who invest more than 250,000 in Greek real estate property, combined with a gradual change of the country’s image in international markets and an increasing trend of Russian tourists to Greece -expected to reach one million this year- are offering a unique opportunity to attract Russian investments in the Greek real estate market.

Andritsos said that conditions were ripe for Russian investors’ interest in the Greek market to become a reality.

Until now, Russian investors are investing in the house markets in regions such as Chalkidiki, Rhodes, Corfu and Crete buying property worth between 150-250,000 euros.

He noted that Russian investors’ interest was expanding to other regions of the country, with upgraded tourist infrastructure.

(Athens News Agency)

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